My style

I always say:

Style is a winding journey with unknown destination!

Since I was a child, I found joy in choosing which cloths to wear, despite my mom suggestions or desires.
It comes natural to me to match colors, combine textures or patterns, to try new shapes and dimensions in order to feel good everytime I wear something, whether I have a business meeting , a stylish cocktail during Pitti or everyday when I go out.

If I think of my personal style nine years ago, sometimes I smile, sometimes I reflect on how far I’ve come in my personal journey, but the most inspiring thing is knowing that something new and fresh is just around the corner and….I cannot wait to discover it!

Spring / summer style inspiration

Hereafter a selection of my favourite Spring / Summer Looks…

Fall / Winter style Inspiration

Hereafter a selection of my favourite Fall / Winter Looks…

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