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I am an experienced Creative Director with a demonstrated history of working in the media production and digital marketing industries.

We help brands everyday!

Together with GWD, I support brands in areas such as Business Analytics, Business Management, E-commerce, Communication, Digital Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Photography, Brand Creation & Development, Brand Identity, Brand Reputation, and Web Development.

Creative Direction
Digital Marketing
personal Styling
Business development
People Management
Branding Consultancy
Social Media Marketing
Digital PR
Sound Designing

The following are some of the brands which have trusted GWD and myself,  click on the brand’s logo to discover more.

Furthermore I am a strong entrepreneurship professional with a Master’s Degree focused in Business Administration and Management, from University of Warwick – Warwick Business School.

In 2016, after almost 18 years in a corporate environment, I left IBM to pursue my dream and fully dedicate my self to my digital project GWD.
Finally I am an amateur DJ (with professional mindset) playing HipHop, RnB, Reggae, Dancehall especially from the 90s (read My Tunes section for more info).


GWD is a journey of emotions.
It arises from the need for expression of style and gentlemen elegance that has accompanied me since I was a child.
GWD was born on 22nd of October  2012, in the midst of the digital revolution where communication would no longer be the same.
The idea was combined with Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail” theory: to arrive through an amplifier tool like the world wide web to so many people, that is, to reach a global niche.
GWD was therefore born mainly as a Facebook page, then evolved on all social platforms.
In 2013 the GWD site was born mainly as a repository of what we told, photographed but also as a niche e-commerce site that put on the global market unique items, enhancing their Italian spirit and giving people the opportunity to purchase them.
GWD is not a reposting nor a pure advertising site, all of our content are experiences we have lived or created.

FPO is the GWD‘s ultra niche multi-brand e-commerce website, to bring our clients a very exclusive selection of items (accessories, apparel, design objects and vintage pieces) for both Men and Women, curated by Charley and my self.

FPO strives to sell [FEW] timeless PIECES [ONLY] to last beyond the season…

In a world of standardization where the majority of people buy the same things, I thought exclusivity is what our customers were looking for;  they will not be able to find the majority of those pieces anywhere else and given the small quantity of pieces available, they can be sure they will #Be1OfTheFew!

FPO motto is #Be1OfTheFew and these are FPO core values:

Sustainability: FPO works with brands who produce their goods in a local, sustainable and green supply chain.
Quality: FPO provides top notch quality © Made in Italy products to deliver superior value to its clients.
Passion: FPO is committed in heart and mind.
Exclusivity: Our customers won’t be able to find FPO pieces anywhere else.

Walé Oyéjidé

"Perhaps more important than his deep knowledge of art and aesthetics, Fabrizio is a wonderful connector of cultures. He helped us in our mission of bringing the beauty of Italy to the world."

Designer at Ikiré Jones

Sylvain Querne

"Fabrizio unites in a pretty unique way creativity and business. Working with him it's clear he's his own creative director, able to blend brands' style into his world seamlessly and naturally. Most importantly, he gets the "why" and keeps brand's interest in mind."

Former Head of Marketing at Facebook Meta EMEA

Manuela Ilari

""Fabrizio is a great ambassador of italian style. GWD is where time and space get mixed together with elegance.""

Chief Creative Officer at Pil Associati

Cordelia Noe

"While the world is in love with Italy already, Fabrizio Oriani will make one love Italian lifestyle even more!""

Founder & CEO at TheArtGorgeous Media Group

Lalle Johnson

"As long as I known Fabrizio, he’s always been extremely focused on creating his GWD platform from zero, to what it is today. A never ending story, that is. Don’t be fooled, he can look and act very cool and untouchable, but he has a huge heart and one of the nicest guys around!"

Senior Menswear Consultant and Creative Director at Chapters1892

Matteo Bozzalla

"Easy, Real, Fun : this is what partnering with Fabrizio meant for us."

CEO at Valstar Milano 1911

Carlo Boldrini

"Fabrizio & GWD, are a reference point for Men's Style & inspiration"

Founder & CEO at Pil Associati

Giorgio Giangiulio

"GWD was one of the first profile I start follow on Instagram many years ago. I find GWD one of the few profile able to sweep from menswear to travel, from design to automotive, with the same intense and expertise. A window to the world of good taste. When I met the founder Fabrizio Oriani I figured out why: He’s super stylish guy with a great charisma and own identity (very rare to find in this business)."

Digital Creator

Irene Peccetti

"Fabrizio impresses with his innate sense of style, which he transmits not only by reinterpreting fashions, but also through spontaneous words and gestures that make him naturally elegant. If you are attentive observers, what immediately catches the eye is the attention to detail that he puts into each of his looks: the same attention and dedication that he puts into each of his work, to make it unique and inimitable.""

Former Marketing Manager at Cruciani

Christoph Noe

"Fabrizio Oriani in one word: Iconic. He is exceptional in bringing together aesthetic, fashion, Italian contemporary lifestyle - and his charming personality - to inspiring storylines."

Founder at Larry's List

Fabio Attanasio

"A man of unmistakeable taste and style. His passion is contagious and so are the projects he creates. Happy to be his friend".

Founder at The Bespoke Dudes - Co-Founder at TBD Eyewear

Rodrigo Saldana

"Fabrizio involves you with his immersive and unique vision. Working with Fabrizio is a true pleasure. His wide knowledge of Mens Style and special eye on the details makes the whole process professional and enjoyable too!”

Illustrator & Tailoring designer

Maurizio Marino

"Fabrizio was the perfect partner for us to link the Italian way of living and dressing to our Maison."

Former Italy Brand Manager at Montres Breguet

Massimo Pirrone

"Fabrizio, a story of a true gentleman and a self-made man. A dreamchaser and i like his dreamchaser an do-er mentality. Yet he remains always friendly, kind & human. The best in his area If you ask me. Fabrizio is next level!"

Bespoke Tailoring at Sartoria italiana

Luca Fiorito

"Style is not about ostentation or designation. It's about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results, influence is about spreading the passion you have for your work and the things you love, and finally you have to inspire friends, followers, and customers. This, in a nutshell, is Fabrizio's mission"

Full professor University of Palermo and adjunct professor Catholic University Milano

Yossi Fisher

"Fabrizio is absolutely the embodiment of style & culture. His presence in any situation is calm, collected, and thoroughly educated. Spending time with him nurtures an appreciation for creativity, expression, and growth. Fabrizio is the type of human that engages in deeper conversations of fashion, business, and subcultures at a level is not easily found in this day in age. Grateful for all his forms of expression, and the way he honours relationships over everything - a rarity in todays business world & respected above all else."

Brand Consultant & Mindset Strategist

Martina Antonazzi

"Uniqueness, punctuality, precision, quality and creativity. A content creator stands out from the crowd when they have these qualities and the ability to tell authentic and exciting experiences in a simple and direct way. With GWD I have found this and much more."

Communication & Pr Manager at Boggi Milano

Florian Roser

"It‘s always been a pleasure working with Fabrizio and he impressed me with his impeccable taste and incredible style."."

Co-Founder at Roser Brothers

Alberto Scaccioni

"I know Fabrizio since many years, when he was visiting Pitti just for fun, for passion. He was so driven by his passion that he focused his whole life on that. Part of the italian genius is cultivating our inner passions, and Fabrizio is a good example. This is something I appreciate and respect, a lot"

General Manager Centro di Firenze per la Moda Italiana

Domenico Gianfrate

"… .I met Fabrizio when he was still working for IBM, but he had already created GWD. Many times he had confided to me his passion for clothing and style in general. When he communicated to me the choice to leave his job at IBM to devote himself heart and soul to his GWD project and clothing in general, it did not take me by surprise. I was sure he would make that choice because every time we chat, his strong passion and determination was evident. I am happy to have shared some moments of his journey with Fabrizio and I am extremely pleased to have maintained a relationship of true friendship with a capable and enterprising person like him."

Global Business Development at PT Torino (Style & Sales) - Owner Gianfrate Showroom

Pierfrancesco Borra

“I had the pleasure of meeting Fabrizio when our professional paths crossed for work and passion: a man of great professionalism and a taste for aesthetics and "beauty" out of the ordinary. In addition to sharing on more than one occasion our common love for black music, whether it be R&B, Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk or Rap, we organized and gave life, along with Steve Dub and Irene Lamedica, to #BackNForthMilano, a party able to merge within it the past and the future of the international black music scene.”

Director at Radio Milano International

Natalia Resmini

"Fabrizio tells about elegance, but above all, his "very Italian" taste for life with a freshness and friendliness that immediately struck me. A spontaneous story made of luxury, travel, Mediterranean flavors, precious fabrics and breathtaking architectural views."

Painter and Fashion Illustrator

Gianpaolo Alliata

"Fabrizio's style is unique, but it is a style from which to always take avant-garde ideas. A great connoisseur of the world of fashion (and also of music being also a very good DJ) he manages every time I see one of your outfits to make me think that sometimes I should perhaps dare a little more!"

MTM Senior at Isaia

Alessandro Squarzi

“Fabrizio: a flood of ideas and an extremely polite person. It is a pleasure to have had the opportunity to know him from the start. A person for whom I have great esteem. "

Art Director at Fortela

Massimiliano Donnarumma

"Fabrizio is a tireless hunter of good taste, beauty and style. He is able to do this in a multitude of human aspects."

Worldwide travelling tailor, MTM Specialist at Sartoria Rossi

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