My Love

It was a hot summer day in 2011, I was living in Lecco still and I was on Facebook. I can still remember my reaction when I saw on “People you may know” her beautiful face.

We had a lot of Facebook friends in common, thus I asked my self “How come I don’t know this Goddess yet?”.
Easy said, easy done….I sent her a private message.
It’s never an easy job to digitally introduce yourself , so I thought I needed something to differentiate myself.
Once again in my life, music came to my rescue, so I attached a music video to the message as I naturally felt she would have liked the music I love.

hi Charlene I’m Fabrizio…. I dont know you, but I know you deserve some Marvin Gaye !

An then another message with another song, and again, and again and again…..until she finally replied (after the 8th message) saying:

Hey Fabrizio you have a really good taste in music!

We established a connection and since then we are living an amazing love story.
In one of our anniversary dinners, I wrote Charlene this note, which summarizes the special love I have for her:

“Six years of us… who would have thought that my love?
Yet we are here to celebrate them, in love like the first day and always ready to face the challenges of a wonderful everyday life.
Since I have known you, I often tell you how you changed my life, that you made me a better man. that I have been waiting for you for thirty-six years and that all the things that I have done with you, tried with you and that I have told you, were waiting for you inside me; I knew that you would have arrived and that together we could have lived an overwhelming and profound love story.
Let’s enjoy this unique moment and continue to be as happy as we have chosen to be.
I love you plenty, yours and yours alone Fabrizio. “

Fabrizio Oriani - My Love

In almost 10 years we spent amazing moments together and I’m still in love with her like the first day!
In the meantime she became GWD’s official photographer helping my dream to come true.

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